California Law AB 3034 established a Peer Review Group whose duty is to evaluate the California High Speed Rail Authority’s funding plans and prepare its independent judgment as to the feasibility and the reasonableness of the Authority’s plans, appropriateness of assumptions, analyses and estimates, and any observations or evaluations the Group deems necessary.

Membership of the Group. Legislation provides that:

(a) The authority shall establish an independent peer review group for the purpose of reviewing the planning, engineering, financing, and other elements of the authority’s plans and issuing an analysis of appropriateness and accuracy of the authority’s assumptions and an analysis of the viability of the authority’s financing plan, including the funding plan for each corridor required pursuant to subdivision (b) of Section 2704.08 of the Streets and Highways Code.

(b) The peer review group shall include all of the following

  1. Two individuals with education and experience in the planning and construction of large transportation systems, such as high-speed rail, or highway systems with similar characteristics, designated by the Treasurer. Both of these slots are currently open.
  2. Two individuals, one with experience in engineering and construction of high-speed rail or similar large infrastructure projects and one with experience in project planning and finance, designated by the Controller. One of these slots is occupied by Marty Wachs (planning and finance), the other is filled by Bijan Sartipi (engineering and construction).
  3. One representative from a financial services or financial consulting firm who shall not have been a contractor or subcontractor of the authority for the previous three years, designated by the Director of Finance. This slot is open.
  4. One representative with experience in environmental planning, designated by the Secretary of Transportation. This slot is filled by Lou Thompson.
  5. Two individuals with experience providing or governing intercity or commuter passenger train services in California, designated by the Secretary of Transportation. One slot is filled by Stacey Mortensen, the other is filled by Kome Ajisi.

Lou Thompson has served as Chairman since March 1, 2013.